Gothic II


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5 Fixes, 1 Patch, 2 Trainers, 2 Cheats available for Gothic II, see below

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After Marvin has been entered press F2 and then k for kill now go to a person until the name is shown over the head and press enter

geht in den talente Fenster und gebt "marvin" ein. dann erfnet ihr die konsole mit "F2" die KONSOLE und gebt "insert gold" ein und for euch liegt ein beutel gold

a few waypoints to use with the Goto Waypoint command:Bigfarm-Onars farmfarm1-Lobarts farmfarm2-farm3-bengars farm

magecave-this is where you need to go to pass pyrokars test of firelighthousetaverne-tavernkloster-monasterycity1-city gate

sheep-to the nearest herd of sheepstroll-outside the black trolls caveritual-this is where u find innos eyelevelchange-walley of mines city side

start-walley of mines castle sideoc2-outside castleoc11-at the bottom of ramp to castlerockcamp-here u learn to gut dragonrockdragon-the path to rockdragon

icedragon-the path to icedragonswampdragon-the path to swampdragonfiredragon-the path to firedragonnewmine-one of the oremines

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