Jonah Lomu Rugby


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2 Cheats available for Jonah Lomu Rugby, see below

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EASY PENALTYWhen you have the fouls rule on simply form a ruck/maul/scrum ect..... then pass it to anyone in a bit of space and tap 0 then the oposition will normally do a late tackle.

When in the game press pause and hold down L1&L2 and press X,O,Triangle,Square ten times.This will make the crowd do a mexican wave.

To unlock all the bonus teams... Go to the main menu and hold down, L1 and type in the following, circle triangle triangle and R2, now all the bonus teams would be unlocked

at the start screen press, 2triangle, circle, 2box, 2cross. and then every tackle will be a spear tackle, but you won't get penalised for it

Bunt.When you are running and you only have the full back to beat. Hold R1 and when you get close to the player, then press cicle just as soon as the player goes to tackle you.

Slip out of tackles when you are running with someone hold down L1orR1and when some one tackles you tap squareand you should start to run again.

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