Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude

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Tier1FMV.sfd: Swingles Challenge 1 Tier2FMV.sfd: Swingles Challenge 2 Tier3FMV.sfd: Swingles Challenge 3 Tier4FMV.sfd: Swingles Challenge 4 Tier5FMV.sfd: Swingles Challenge 5

Ending.sfd: Game Ending Intro.sfd: New Game Intro LB5NBWGO.sfd: Beatrice Ending SL5NBWGN.sfd: Tilly Ending ST1NBWGX.sfd: Zanna Ending

DL1NBWGU.sfd: Sierra Intro 2 DL5NBWGC.sfd: Barbara Jo Ending DL5NBWGG.sfd: Morgan Ending DL5NBWGR.sfd: Suzi Ending DL5NBWGU.sfd: Koko Ending

Suit Larry - Magna Cum LaudeDataCinemaFMV Attract.sfd : Larry Game TrailerDG5NBWGK.sfd: Ione Ending DG5NBWGL.sfd: IoneL Ending

Logo.sfd: Danger High Voltage Software Sierra.sfd: Sierra Intro VUG.sfd: Vivendi Universal Intro Location of the cut scenes: C:program filesVUGamesLeisure

go to megagames.com and go to trainers area click on Leisure suit larry magna cum laude click trainers and download any of those.

Go to the Crappy Streets,and next to the Plaid Mart,theres a Capn.If you play that game youll gain 5 bucks

SALLY MAE NAKEDGo to the libraray and talk to Nigel that is next to the coffe machine. He has Sally Mae strip dance and nudity.

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