Midtown Madness


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2 Trainers, 1 Cheat, 2 Fixes available for Midtown Madness, see below

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floating wheelsfor floating wheels as the panoz aiv roadster in the game,press d then vdriver's side,orbit viewthen escape.restart race with 2 wheels and no body

Enter "VALIMO" as drivers name,select "Ford Mustang GT" car in Cruise.You will get White Limo
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following names to activate the corresponding cheat functionPolice displayed on the map-Showme Cops All airplane traffic-Jet Planes Traffic drives in reverse-amizdA eoJ

To permenetly unlock cars,Go the Folder of Midtownmadnessplayersplayer0.cfg or player0.sav delete this file and start the game now all cars will be unlockedall cars




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