Mortal Kombat Advance


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1 Cheat, 1 Fix available for Mortal Kombat Advance, see below

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For pass the game you have just to choose liu-kang and press right right and b.its a round fire and its easy to pass the game.

how to play as kitana in mk2 finish the hole game as kitana then press L,L,A,R,R,R P and well picking kitana press r

PLAY AS SONYA IN A CHEERLEADING OUTFIT at the main menu press A,A,A,A,B,up,up,down then well picking sonya hold AB

fight as tony hawk well playing beat the hole game using only the kick then go to fighter select an tony hawk will apeear

How to get Moroto is a little bit first,you need to beat master mode and after you beat it go to character select and go to the silver icon and you will see Moroto.

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