MVP Baseball 2005


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2 Fixes, 4 Cheats available for MVP Baseball 2005, see below

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Go to create a player and type neverlosesight as the name for an boston Redsox St. Patricks Day Jersey.Hint:Neverloose first name,and Sight for last name

to get all of the heroes an legends of baseball, you must go to create-a-player an create a player named katie roy or katie ross, press start an add them to free agents, you will now have all players.

Unlock all 25 Legends Team players to unlock the Legends Team. Unlock all 25 Heroes Team players to unlock the Heroes team

To unlock Boston's St. Patty's day uniforms creat a play with the name, NEVERLOSE SIGHT, and you'll be seein green.

To control all the teams rosters in Dynasty Mode, turn off Fair Trades, Budgets, and CPU Initiated trades. You will be able to trade for every team


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