Sonic Riders


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1 Demo, 3 Cheats, 1 Fix available for Sonic Riders, see below

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Get sega carnival Get first place in the heroes world tour for all levelsSega illosion probally is babylon to le you know

Get 48 points or higher in EX World Grand Prix in both cups to unlock Two new tracks, Sega Carnival and Sega Illiusion.

Go to sega carnival, go to where you see a sign that says"crazy taxi" go ram into it, you should land in a taxi.

In Babylon Gaurdian , you need to boost up to him . Then , on the 3RD time you hit him race to the finish line before anybodt else or you'll lose .

when you go to misson mode you have to complete Jet storm and waves missions and they all have to be gold emblems to get super sonic


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