Super Smash Bros: Melee


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1 Cheat available for Super Smash Bros: Melee, see below

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get character: bub: play as ness on normal in adventure 3 times then bub will challenge you wene he appears he will be a little hard easy way achive 15 kos in crule melee or play 2000 vs matches

if your link,young link,or samus. when your falling off a cliff press your grab button z and you should grab on to the edge if done corectly.YOU HAVE TO BE VERY CLOSE TO THE EDGE.hyurly temple

how to turn into samus when your fox go up,down,left,right,diagnel, this for 20 minuets and it should work put time on 95

this is make mario twice as big as his original taunt you must grab a giant mushroom that makes you bigger than beffore.affter it makes you bigger do marios taunt and he will be huge

When you used up all your lives press start to get an extra life. This only works on team melee. WARNING: It costs one of your teammates lives

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