Ty the Tasmanian Tiger

Ty the Tasmanian Tiger


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1 Fix, 3 Cheats available for Ty the Tasmanian Tiger, see below

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Techno Rangs15 gets the Zoomarang, 30 Gets the multi rang, 45 gets the infrarang, 60 gets the megarang, 75 gets the explodarang and 90 gets the Chronorang. Happy hunting

How to beat Crikey1st throw your boomerang at the foodbox.Next go underwater and throw your boomerang at the tanks.They will float to the surface.Throw your boomerang at it.Do this 4 times.


to kill the second boss u have too dive under water and knock the pressure can upwards when the shark bite it shoot the can

show hidden objects LI R1 LI R1 TRIANGLE TRIANGLE CIRCLE SQUARE SQUARE R2 R2email me nisisawhiz@hotmail.com

S2Y,S2,Y,XAXA:100,000 Oapls.Note:Ty the tasmainian tiger 2:Bush rescueS2Y,S2Y,BXBY:all level 1 rangsThe secualS2Y,S2Y,XBXB:all level 2 rangsSecual


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