The Warriors


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1 Video, 2 Cheats available for The Warriors, see below

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kill luther with the knife wait till he shoots 6 times then run slowly and lob it by pressing a and x together at the same time

health,flash,paint,and blade FREE:buy all the flash you can use one and kill the deiler do the same to the other deilers.

extera :go to meat store wene the owner is there walk up to him press y to talk he will give you 25 then go to hippy store do the same and get his register and get from it to.

easy :get a lot of gang members go to the jewlry store tell them to hold up out side break in to it and still all the loot and register and leave with all the .

If you get 99 in the game go outside, steal 3 car radios, and rob 2 stores. You will get 50000, plus you will have the option for the police, so they will or wont chase you. =

Unlimited Health:You enter Up,triangle,L3,select,X,L2.This gives you parshaly infinet health because if you get beat up a lot you will start to loose health.

after finishing a sub mission of giving food to the hobo's. after giving them some money it they will ask if they can join up with you to help fight.

go upstairs and go near the map hold l2 & r2 then when the maps opend it lets you play the whole game in day and as the baseball furies

UNLOCK GUNS:complete allthe bonuses and beat all the high scores on every level and all the mini challengs in coney and unlock a pistol an ak 47 and a shotgun

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