WWE Day of Reckoning 2


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1 Cheat available for WWE Day of Reckoning 2, see below

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When facing Kurt Angle if its impossible to beat him the pull out a weapon and press A. If you hit him your DQ but if he counters run around outside the wrestling arena until he hits you.

when you have a hell in a cell match....while doing an irish whip press A immediately so your wrestler will slam your opponents head in the cell...

how to win a table match easy go out of the ring and your oponent will follow you get up on the announcers table and your oponnent should follow you to just do a grapple move and thats it

Beat Kurt angle easy in shop zone buy a diva template cuztomize Kurt and remove his special and give him the diva template

if you cant beat a match keep restaring the store mode and geting your stats up till you can beat it and also change the other persons moves into a womans move.

Go after edge and beat him.After you beat hhh choose go after edge and shut his mouth forever then when you beat him you will go to his looker room and see him holding the title.

When You Picked Up The Chair With The Undertaker Aproach The Other Wrestler And Press A He Will Put The Chair To The Persons Face And Slam It Down

do the matrix:rub round the control stick press a b x y and z and then you will see your character do the matrix and send your apponent flying slowly

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