WWE Raw is War


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1 Cheat available for WWE Raw is War, see below

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while playing in 2 player mode let the 1 player hold all the keys at a time and then the 2 player controls will not work it will happen only when both players are playing from keybord

win royal rumble by completing the wwf champion ship with fred durst on hard difficulty. this really works, giv it a try

Get Tazzs GlassesAttack Tazz on his way to the ring and hit him until his glasses come off Then pick them up and go to Create-A-Wrestler and go to Extra Apperance and they will be there.

Take normal game and keep count out 10 sec. during game play throw your opponent our of the ring and do your submission and after 9 th count leave off and get to the ring and you will win.

to win early take 10 sec count out matchdo submission out the ring at 9th second leave your opponent get into the ring you will win by count out

when your player is unconceious grapple him and press SA.your superstar's special move can be viewd


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