WWE Smackdown: Just Bring it


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1 Cheat available for WWE Smackdown: Just Bring it, see below

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use rob van dam,press downL2 he will jump and press L2 he will do his five star frog splash while standing on the ground and it cannot works in the ring

Press L1L2 to do there oppenents smackdown move.But you need 2 smackdown moves to do there smacdown movein correct possistion.

at the end of the match in a ladder match when your partner get the belt u jump off the ladder when your partner is holding the belt u jump off the ladder and u hit them then they get so high

when u have a speacial and another person has a speacial hit the block button and it will reverse the speacial

If you go to Create a Wrestler. and look at the first four samples they give you they are Jon Cena,Jamie Noble,Christopher Nowinski, and Paul Heyman. You have to set everything else up though.

unlock new smackdown arena go on slobber knocker and beat 15 unlock fred durst go on sobber knock and beat 15

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