Yu-Gi-Oh The Eternal Duelist Soul


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1 Cheat available for Yu-Gi-Oh The Eternal Duelist Soul, see below

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When you are dueling a person, hold B down and your duel will go twice as faster then the normal speed

To unlock simon, beet the anual tournament in november. If you would like to get every card that you dont have, beet simon once and then grandpa will get unlock and he will give you all tha cards.

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for more cards;when duling put in up,down,b,down,down,upbb;it will give you 6 cards in your hands

if you beat joey 20 times you get an exodia pack and if you beat yugi 20 times you get a blue eyes pack and iff you beat every one one the first pace 10 times you get a harpies pack.

to be unstoppable; during the movie press left,right,up,down,b,a. The only thing that can hurt you is the spikes on Snake Way


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