Saints Row: The Third - Female Nude Patch


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This is a Saints Row: The Third modification that will make the ladies in the game lose their clothing. Dancing about isn't mandatory, but it is highly suggested.


1. First Make a back up of the original files: (outside the cache files directory)

2. Launch steam and Disabled the auto update of Saint Row The Third

3. Copy the files from the zip into:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\saints row the third\packfiles\pc\cache

Author: marc383

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I'm a bit confused on how to install. Do I need to remove the first 3 files in step 1 after making a backup? I put the file that was downloaded into cache and tried it in dx 9/10/11... Without those three files, the game doesnt even start. With the three files, the mod doesnt work.

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