Apple Patents Its Own Gaming Controller

The latest patent filed by Apple might be the company’s first concrete step towards entering the gaming market.

The patent in question describes a new controller that looks a lot like the famous PlayStation Dual Shock controller. Apple’s controller however is supposed to link together various Apple products such as iPhones, iPads, iPods and Apple TVs. According to the patent filling, the new controller can be used to control “standalone media players” such as Apple TV as well as “video game systems.”

This is not the first time Apple shows interest in entering the games business. It is worth noting however, that a patent filling might remain a concept and never see the light of day as a real product.

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Have you never used an PC product before? Because this sounds like the ridiculous, uninformed crap a 13 year old jumped on the hipster PC-Hate trend would say.

the end of gaming

make no mistake ppl, if apple gets in the gaming market, it'll be the end of cheap casual gaming. if they can't get ahead, they will buy every game developer and producer on the planet and then drive the prices up by 500 - 750 precent.

Why would you even think they

Why would you even think they would do this? Why would they buy any third-party developers, they're not a games studio 0_o EA buys game developers, so does Rockstar and 2K - because they make games. And Apple's always driven software prices DOWN, not up.

While I don't agree they

While I don't agree they would buy out companies/devolopers, I don't agree Apple drives the price of anything down. Except maybe the things they've created which started at ridiculously high prices anyways.

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