Blizzard Forces Regional Language in Diablo III

Many Diablo III players are reporting that their client is restricting them from playing if they aren't using the native language version. Upon attempting to connect, those with a language setting that differs from their region are greeted with several errors: 81, 82 and 84. They all read:

"The client does not match the account's native language. Please, use the game's native client."

Understandably this has drawn a mass of complaints from gamers from all over the world. Often it's from those in countries like Russia and Brazil who want to play the game in English.

While there were some reports of this early in the game's release, they've been appearing in droves over the past 24 hours. This appears to be due to the language locks being implemented in a few specific regions. The curious thing is that they weren't active from launch, but brought into play a short time after.

Blizzard's only real comment so far has been that everything is working as intended, further angering affected gamers. This suggests that as it stands, the publisher has no plans to remove the restrictions.

For now, mass complaints and customer support tickets are being sent Blizzard's way. It'll be interesting to see how it responds.

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I was so geared up to buy

I was so geared up to buy this game but with everything i've been hearing and reading about since it's launch, minus the server meltdown, i'm beginning to think that i shouldn't bother. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I know what i'm getting with World Of Warcraft and Starcraft 2 and i did/do enjoy them both but as for Diablo 3 with it's lack of class specific weapons and armour and the inability to allocate stat point where YOU as the player want them to name but a few, i think i will be leaving it alone. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It's a shame really because i was so ready to love this game. All i feel now is the Activision 'milk them as much as you can' hands rubbing together. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'll be happy when the days of big money conglomerates are finally forced out of games companies. It doesn't seem to matter whether games are on console or on PC these days. The end result is that 95% of anything touted as worth buying always feels like it's made to a ridiculously low budget in order to maximize profits.


At this moment i feel sorry for the children of diplomats. Seriously why would Blizzard even consider such an option as language lock. Seems more like an archaic method of torture rather than proper marketing.


I've been fearing this since they merged with activision... Blizzard is going bad! I've got a feeling I'll only be playing indie games in the future... =/

Agreed, too bad. SC2 would

Agreed, too bad. SC2 would have been allot better in many ways. And Diablo 3 would have held my interest for more than 5 hours. Who designs a RPG where you pick up a shiny new axe and instead of swinging it your character shoots a dart out of a Blow Pipe... And where is this Blow Pipe in my inventory? lol

False, Vivindi is the parent

False, Vivindi is the parent company of Activision Blizzard, and Activision is the dominate branch in Activision Blizzard, Which means Kotick is the ringleader of the group, Which also means.... Blizzard has to take in the ass rather they like it or not.

What a waste of money, never

What a waste of money, never again. They took something that was not broke and broke it. Its the new developers they just don't know what they are doing. Like that one fan boy said, he played diablo and never imagined working on it and now he has worked on it. Fan-boys can ruin almost anything. Just like ps3 and 360 fan-boys warfare, those companies can throw poop at them and they will take it.


im very sad to see blizzard going down that road. Blizzard and Valve are only two companies i had major respect left as they truly polished their games and cared about gamers. Right now - I dont know. I mean seriously are the dialogues/voice acting also native? Is it the same experience? Are the cinematics native? - no? then you're being screwed

Blizzard.... SUX

This is why I will never buy another game from Blizzard. They don't give a shit about customers and they'll gladly sell their mother if they could earn money from it.

Their way or the Highway ? I choose the highway thanks.. Bye

Ok, it`s not much of an imposition but likewise if I were to pay money for a game I`d like to play how I want to should the game mechanics allow me. I really don`t think this should be a marketing or security decision. If thats what was wanted it should have been there from scratch but as all gamers find out if the developer wants to change strategies mid life you either accept it or vote with your feet and leave. Don`t forget, Next-Gen consoles will be twice or more as restrictive in these ways, it`s inevitable.


I'm so glad I didn't buy this game, If there's something I really despise is buying a game and have the developers decide how and when you should play it.

No game with a single player feature should require a constant internet connection apart from MMOs of course.


The game was recently selling for $40 on a Russian website. People using bots were buying additional accounts from there and using them to play on US servers. perhaps that was their reason, to put a stop to this.

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