Cliff Bleszinski Explains Why On Disc DLC Is An Ugly But Necessary Truth

Capcom has come under fire recently after fans discovered that Street Fighter X Tekken upcoming downloadable characters (DLC) were already on disc and that "buying" them online only unlocks them.

Outraged fans accused the company for trying to make extra money of content that is essentially part of the game. The company responded by explaining that this DLC is on disc in order to ensure compatibility by having a single complete version of the game available to all players.

The famous Epic Design Director, Cliff Bleszinski, shared his thoughts on the matter, explaining that on disc DLC is a necessity and "an ugly truth of the gaming industry."

The design director pointed out that before any modern game ships, there are "often three or four months where the game is basically done," leaving developers with "an idle team that needs to be working on things."

So, they start working on DLC, and this DLC is then put on disc along with the game to maximize compatibility and to minimize download time.

"I'm not the biggest fan of having to do it, but it is one of the unfortunate realities," Bleszinski admitted before pondering that "once the industry goes entirely digital, this issue will be obsolete."

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They should embrace the vegan diet and lose the DRM, funny how these corporate fuckers think. The same people escalating the console over PC gaming. Their the same breed of nut-jobs selling us crippleware.

nah brah

DLC on a disk is wrong no matter how you look at it... and this bs about compatibility issue is too damn funny... What about DLC that comes out that's not on the disc? Who cares about downloading... if I'm willing to drop 60 on a game and then 5 to 15 more bucks on DLC I'm pretty damn sure my internet is on point... Disc Locked Content as it's now called is not needed.... It's funny... everyone thought casual games would kill video gaming but NO!! the creators will...

On-disk DLC is a rip off.

They basically sell you the content on the disk and then charge you for it again to download/unlock it. And these people aren't classified as pirates? This is outrageous. There should be laws to protect consumers from this sort of abuse. Back when these internet connected consoles were first released, I imagined that this would happen, and here it is.

Piracy is an ugly, but

Piracy is an ugly, but necessary truth, because some abuses with DRM, prices, and things such as this one. Once all goes digital, I can affirm I will no longer buy any game more expensive than 10-15$. Which means my tendency to "pirate" will go higher. DLCs have been a fucking rip-off since the start. What happened to 30$ expansion packs with real good, lengthy content to offer? Retail price for digital content is also a fucking rip-off. All in all, you "Gaming Industry Leaders" (Big Publishers) are a bunch of a-holes. When you are a Developer and adopting the same speech as the Big Pubs, you're a even bigger a-hole "cough" Epic "cough"....

On DLC and Ripoffs...

I'm not quite that annoyed with DLC, but it really depends how you do it. If you want to add a couple new characters or a couple maps, I'd pay $1-$2 for that. If you want to add a whole new quest line or (in the case of fighting games) a new campaign with 5 new characters and a full set of arenas, I might pay $10-$15. Its theae companies like Capcom and EA that think adding 1 new gun or hat should cost me $5 that gets my blood boiling. Take Mass Effect 3. Bioware actually thought that people would be willing to pay $800+ to buy all the parts they put out in little 1-shot packages. Seriously? I admit, I'm not willing to pay more than $40 for a digital copy of a game - if the game is LOADED with content. But I do take offense to including the secondary content right on the disk. Obviously, the gap between Gold and Press was so wide that they had to have people not just work on the next thing - but they actually had time to include it in the base package. So just include it in the base package, or don't include it and give us a real expansion.



God save all the companies such as Criteron which offer a 1,2 GB for free in Burnout, Rockstar, etc...

CAPCOM, UBISOFT, ACTIVISION... must think we ar dumb idiots.

Put the gun down and let the hostages go, we believe you

I can understand that once a game has gone gold, the install files are given over to the guys manufacturing the actual discs and they have to make X amount and allow Y number of days to insure the hardcopies of said game are at the various retailers around the world on the release date. So HTF does content that's being worked on for 3 or 4 months before the release but after the install files have been handed over end up on the disc? Do they wait and go ahh, we'll just add this 120mb install file on to the disc quickly before they go into the box.

"So, they start working on

"So, they start working on DLC, and this DLC is then put on disc along with the game to maximize compatibility and to minimize download time." Then why the hell do they lock that content? The guy tried to give a good reason and ended up with a stupid one. If the team finished the game but had time to work on extra content BEFORE the game was sold then it should not be locked.

Capcom are scum

The refuse to release on the PC now because they fear loosing a few dollars and the release a game with the ENTIRE - NOT JUST SOME - DLC on it!

Cliff tells us it's partially on there to reduce loading times but when its ALL on there?

I put Capcom & Blizzard in the same ballpark and as such I don't buy nor play their games anymore. I'm not biting my nose off to spite my face I have a job to do and studies to get on with so if a games company gets my money it's because I WANT to give it to them not because I feel the need to.

I don't want to give Blizzard or Capcom my money. I may be one person but if everyone thought like me we wouldn't be in this mess to begin with. I remember blasting the evils of DLC years ago and I got flamed off of every game site I frequented but lo and behold now gamers are getting royally screwed and upset.....what did they all think was going to happen?

Hear ye Hear ye...

Yadda Yadda, he talked a lot and never properly replied to the accusation: "Outraged fans accused the company for trying to make extra money of content that is essentially part of the game". I say, dont buy DLC's they epitomize corporate greed and only several big sales failures will put a stop to that.

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