EA Under Anti-Trust Trial For Price Fixing

An American district judge has admitted a class action lawsuit where plaintiffs accuse EA of illegally raising the price of Madden videogames after it obtained exclusive rights to the NFL license.

The case covers all Madden NFL titles released by EA since January 1st, 2005 to date and any American consumer who bought any of them is allowed to register as a plaintiff.

The plaintiffs are accusing EA of leveraging their exclusive NFL license to kill its competitor Take-Two's NFL series and then raising price by 70%. More precisely, in 2004 Take-Two's NFL 2K5 was sold at a budget price of $19.95 which forced EA to lower its Madden NFL 2005 price to $29.95 in order to be able to compete. A year later, EA managed to get the exclusive rights to NFL which made it impractical for Take-Two to keep its series alive. EA's Madden NFL 2006 retailed for $49.95.

The case is on its way to become a jury trial and EA is expected to argue that Madden NFL 2005's price was a temporary discount and that the $49.95 price of later titles is within the industry standard level.

lawyer Steve Berman who filed the lawsuit stated that "consumers now have a legal standing to demand that EA refund consumers millions of dollars it made from Madden NFL and other sports titles through what we contend was an illegal price-gouging scheme."

"We believe EA forced consumers to pay an artificial premium on Madden NFL videogames," he added. "We intend to prove that EA could inflate prices on their sports titles because these exclusive licenses restrained trade and competition for interactive sports software."

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This is bullshit american

This is bullshit american litigation. This is exactly what is wrong with this country. Too many frivolous lawsuits. There is nothing wrong with a $49.95 price tag, considering most games are $10 higher priced than that. So would we sue bungie if they decided to lower the price of Reach by $20 as a gift to us, and then release another Halo game at normal retail value? Come on.

Don't buy it. It's simple.

Don't buy it. It's simple.
How about psx players started to complain about not having gears of war and halo in their consoles? Would a jury consider it an unfair commercial strategy move? Fight back, don't buy it and let them keep stores full of their cds to their own.. Or if pc gamers wouldn't get the latest fable, or no wrestling game at all? I'm not american but i like wrestling games, so i bought a ps2 for 100 euros, then a cheap discount wwe game and i was fine with it. I didn't needed the latest 2011 ps3 ultimate wwe game to feed my gaming greed :)

But these are just simple examples and i don't die if i can't play at all :)


You didn't have to buy the game - if everybody made a stand by not buying the game, then whaddaya know? they have to reduce the price.

Chill out, ffs

You stupid fucking Americunts!!!

I'm not EA's biggest fan but you turds are seriously going to sue them over the price of a football game? Gaming is a luxury, there are people dying of starvation, hunger & hypothermia & you fucking worthless dickwads are suing a company over the price of a video game? Who the fuck put the gun to your head & made you buy it? If it's the same thing year after year like some other ding dong stated then why would you buy the latest one anyway? If NFL '05 is the same as '06, WTF you need '06 for? Football is as boring, lame, gay & stupid as any other team sport that never ever changes or evolves. Of course it's the same stupid fucking game year after year!! WTF are you crying about? If you dipshits don't like the price, don't buy the fucking thing. If you have to have it do what the people who are way fucking smarter than you do, pirate it. Stupid fuckers!! A jury trial? The US "justice" system is going to take people away from their jobs & waste valuable tax dollars 'cuz some dopey ding dong dipshits are pissy that a video game company wanted too much money for one of their games? Do the courts have nothing better to do? No murders, rapes or robberies to decide on? Or maybe they're just not that important? Yeah the death of someone is much less serious than the all mighty $. You worthless assholes can't even get decent health care & you're bitching about the price of a video game. Not only that you're actually so fucking useless that you're suing over it? You should be happy you can afford to play the fucking piece of shit @ all! If the price of food suddenly became unaffordable you'd have something to complain about, but still nothing to sue over because if you don't like it, then grow your fucking own! Except don't grow soy beans w/out first making sure they're not infected w/Monsanto's patented version or those Americunts will sue you Americunts 'til you can't even afford a tissue to wipe your NFL 2KW/E tears away!!!

How about you lazy fat assed retards stop your belly aching & go play the real game instead of the video game? A little exercise might help prolong the time before you need that pathetic health care I mentioned earlier.

Too bad you'll still be retarded.

To stupid bitchass troll.

Well ass wipe if you got a problem with football or anything sports related you might be some fat ass nerd that needs to get laid...people do have the right complain and all that.It's freedom of whatever they feel like it you retard. Oh and what does a dead person have to do with any of this shit would you quit spouting your non-sense and not read this if you think it's garbage then? your a bloody troll get lost and get laid. Just cause you may not like Americans or whatever and would like to call them "Americunt" then your a much bigger cunt yourself for being a retarded dickwad this is a gaming community we understand hippy-shit and all but, we won't understand your retarded uber-hippy bullshit that's beyond average oh before I end this reply to the crap you just put out in here quit belly aching about people dying in a gaming news website if you really care about people dying how bout you kill yourself and donate your innards. Learn to understand that exercising or choosing to exercise is a persons own damn choice go fuck off and get lose. Thank you.
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