EA Is Working On A Solution To Keep Its GameSpy Games Online

The planned retirement of GameSpy network will affect multiplayer components of several EA games such Battlefield 2 and Battlefield: Bad Company 2. While several companies have decided to ditch their games, EA is working to find a solution to keep its affected games running.

When asked for clarification, an EA official confirmed that the company is "working on finding a transition, but still have technical hurdles to overcome. We will make an announcement when there is news to share."

According to GameSpy, more than 800 developers and publishers made use of its services over more than a decade online, including Capcom, Nintendo, Electronic Arts, Epic, Ubisoft, and Konami. Nintendo had already announced the termination of Wii and Nintendo DS online services that use GameSpy technologies on May 20th, 2014.

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Credit is due

I'll give credit to EA for doing this, hopefully they can get these games hooked up to a service, hopefully Steam can work out some sort of deal with a lot of these companies to keep these games online.


I had to ask myself why EA would do this, then I realised - a lot of these titles will be from online stores other than Origin, a lot of people still haven't installed Origin because it's EA and the security concerns around it. They will release updated versions that will only be redeemable on Origin.


DIE, GAME SPY, DIE! No more installs of third party software (or at least the offer too) for multiplayer PC games! (Captcha: "bad egg" How fitting!

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