Former EA CEO Slams Angry Birds Studio For Lack Of Innovation

Former Electronic Arts CEO John Riccitiello criticized Rovio for milking the Angry Birds brand through physical merchandise and Star Wars branding without trying to innovate.

"I don't think branding has anything to do with making stuffed toys," he told the audience at Gaming Insiders Summit. "They are great ways to extend brands but they can also diminish a brand. They can counter relentless innovation and polish."

"Adding a Star Wars brand is not an innovation," asserted Riccitiello. "It plays pretty much as it did. Maybe tomorrow they will do something so fundamentally innovative that they will prove me wrong, but they haven't really mastered the microtransaction model. I wish they had put as much innovation and energy into the code as went into all the other stuff. Maybe they wanted to be Disney before they had done enough."

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I think this guy just loves

I think this guy just loves the embarrassment he creates for himself. EA dont innovate anything, all they do is buy other peoples ideas then **** them up. Well that isnt entirely true, they do innovate in the art of milking games and scamming people, they are the masters at that. Off the top of my head, a few games they have annihilated - Plants vs zombies, command and conquer, the sims, simcity, need for speed and so on... Maybe this ******* forgot that EA was voted the worlds worst company for the second time in a row, an achievement that only EA has gained

And we are supposed to take

And we are supposed to take this reject's words seriously?... Who are you again, bro? Just another hollowly "college educated" ****** fucc who thinks he knows the first thing about code or innovation Lol. These are the kind of scum fuccs that are being churned out of institutions everywhere and they are plaguing the economy with their poor decisions and lack of real substantive soft or hardware knowledge yet speaks as if he is somebody worth listening to

It's alright to make fun of

It's alright to make fun of the guy for even mentioning innovation considering his former post. However calling him a 'hollowly "college educated" ****** fucc' isn't that smart, because you see, that '****** fucc' actually made more money as president of EA than you ever will in your life, as a consequence he also had women you can only ever dream of, cars, yatches etc... so if a '****** fucc' can get all that, what does that make you who can't ever hope for it.


god **** i fell off my seat laughing when i saw this. EA of all companies who in all history have whored people to death with patches and crap that i really dont want to play

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