GTA V Fans Assembles Its Complete Map

Grand Theft Auto V fans have pieced together the game’s map using nothing but the screenshots and teaser snippets released by Rockstar.

The map is available in the gallery, along with the map of GTA: San Andreas which took place in the same city, Los Santos.

GTA V will be released on September 17th, 2013. It would be interesting to compare this map to the real one when that happens.

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I call...

I call bullshit. There's no ******* way based on trailer footage they can "for sure" know that this is the full map. Ever see a 90 minute movie trailer? Well then I guess that's because its a ******* trailer and only reveals PART of the movie. There's no ******* debate here. Its cute they made a map. They took the time and they did it. Congrats. Golf Clap n' ****. But nobodies holding their breath.

What do you mean we'll see?

What do you mean we'll see? They made the game, they should know better than you. Who knows how much they will ad to the country, there is actually more to do and find in the country. If executed properly, this could be the best GTA yet. now you can say "we'll see"


What I mean (and I cant believe you missed it) is that until you see it, and experience it first hand; then it's just empty promises.

no sex no sell

i want the characters to be able to do sex,, and rape (probably). since crime is the main attraction in this game. you can kill, you can steal, it is all crime but , in the end, prostitution, rape, is not included.

I was hoping for more :(

I was kinda hoping for a larger map than this appears to show will wait and see I enjoyed GTA 4 but really would like something a little larger to get lost in :) mind you if they ship it with mod tools and a decent map editor then maybe the community can improve what they cant afford to. Just make sure to remove any potentially damaging materiel from the game if you don't put it there Rockstar you cant get yelled at for it we can do that ourselves ;)

huhu whatever

I grew up in the country so yay i can go steal a tractor n drive around at 25mph, but whatever I was hoping for more is all a few cities maybe but whatever country side in a game like this is just lazy development IMO

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