Hitman Director: Only 20% Of Players Will Finish Absolution

Hitman: Absolution knows for a fact that only 20% of the game’s players will see its last level but he is not the least bit worried and he is not doing anything to change that.

The reason is simple: this number is based on the metrics they collected from their other titles. In other word, according to the director Tore Blystad, this is a global metric that applies to almost all games.

"We are using metrics a lot more now than we did, for good and for bad," he said. "The general player will probably never even finish the game, which is very sad. Or they might only play through it once, but the game is built for the people who want to go back through every single level and get all the stuff out of it. It's built to last, rather than be a one-off experience."

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this game has been way to

this game has been way to over hyped, to radically changed and so I expect complete failure... not that the game can't be half decent, but rather no matter what they do it will be hard to live up to the expectations that the hype has created. Also to add to the over hype fail, to me with the changes in game play, voice actors, and music; they've lost most the original fan base(including myself),,, this is no longer a regular hitman game but rather this is the "resident evil: survivor" of the hitman series...

So what he is trying to say

So what he is trying to say is that that game is so shit, that 80% people will figure out that the rest of the game is not worth playing, just like 80% of the previous hitman games, anything made by ubisoft is a turd. Tomb raider is a turd, assassins creed is an even bigger even more boring turd, this will be aturd, any anything else that ubisoft touches for the next 20 years will also be a turd. Why? Because they are like king midas. Ubisoft = King Turdus.

...or have too busy a life to

...or have too busy a life to finish the game. Or lost interest in it. Or didn't like it. Or lost your game disk. OR lent it to a friend and they never gave it back. Or maybe you're right and everyone who isn't you and doesn't finish ever single game ever released the first week it comes out is a moron.

Got some

Hey Mark, if you're editing this post to remove it, I just wanted to let you know: I banged your wife, she told me you worked for a site called Megagames.com, Haha loser, I hope your the one that finds this.

I don't see any problem with

I don't see any problem with this. It's normal not to finish a game which doesn't really interest you. I didn't finish Borderlands because it was utter garbage for instance. If the next Hitman game is good I will finish it but if it isn't, I won't, simple. I just hope developers doesn't get another stupid idea like: "Lets start making games so generic that everyone will want to finish them!".


So what he's saying is, the game we're creating is shitty, 80% of people will be so bored they won't even care to finish it. Thanks for the heads up dude, I'll definetly be passing on this title.

What he is saying is that

What he is saying is that most people who play games are teens/kids with A.D.D. that cant even bother to sit through a 1 minute cut scene and rather continue to play their horribly outdated version call of duty.

Any good player

will get everything in the levels the first time. I Buy a game and complete EVERYTHING the first time through if a game has an "unlockable difficulty setting" unless it completely changes the game I'm not doing it they can suck it. Why would I watch a movie then watch it again right away? maybe MAYBE if I enjoyed a game I'll wait a couple of years and have another go but seriously? just make us some games we enjoy, with actual story and depth to it so we feel we can take something away from it other than "AW YEA GAMERSCORE AND ACHIEVEMENTS" cause that sh*t is just useless

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