The Last Of Us Can Be Played While It Is Being Downloaded On PS3

PlayStation 3 owners who buy the digital download version of The Last of Us won’t have to wait for the game to finish downloading before they are able to play it. Instead, the game is playable as soon as its download has reached 50%.

This feature is borrowed from PlayStation 4 where it should be available for all digital download games thanks to the availability of hardware dedicated to background downloading and processing.

The Last of Us will launch on June 14th, 2013 on PlayStation 3. The game will be available on Blu-Ray and digital download on launch day.

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Amazing how this is big news,

Amazing how this is big news, what I find laughable is that they say "borrowed from the PS4". Download while playing has been with us since the first Guild Wars in 2005 (probably before that) and it's mostly popular in MMOs. Not impressive.


You mean "Drones" good sir. I find it pretty funny how you PC lads and lasses squabble with Console lads and lasses, when in the end you all are a bunch of ******* morons.

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