Microsoft Hiring Next Generation Console Architect

A new job listing on its Linkedin account revealed that Microsoft is stepping up its efforts to develop the Xbox 360 successor.

According to the listing, "the Xbox Console Architecture team is hiring for a Graphics hardware architect position. The team is responsible for defining and delivering next generation console architectures from conception through implementation."

The Graphics hardware architect is responsible for architecture analysis, key technology selection and architecture specification for Microsoft's next generation console.

Other job listings found on Microsoft's Linkedin account include posts for a "Senior Architect and Performance Engineer" and a "Senior Hardware Design Verification Engineer."

Those jobs are most likely intended for a new console, but there is a chance that they are meant for Xbox 360 design modifications and enhancements.

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Microsoft: Ahhh bull plop lets just buy out everything and call it a day!

Geiko: That's not very wise!

Microsoft: Says the Geeko!

Geiko: Gecko you malignant tumor!

Microsoft: Takes one to know!

Gieko: Your mama!

Microsoft: We already bought her too!

Gieko: Mammmmyyyyy!!!

I am not exactly sure if I

I am not exactly sure if I remeber the correct timeframe, but I`ve read an article a while ago.

Sony and Microsoft were working under highest security level in the same IBM building for 7 years in total to develope 360 and PS3 key elements. It could take a long time until we will see a new xbox. In the case of PS3 I am pretty sure we are going to see a long lifespan from now.


It's annoying to see some employment web pages mixing classic Architecture with these "architect" professions related to computers.

Ahh... The things they come up with...

Yeah it's for a new console

'cuz the shitbox 360 doesn't work right & it was obsolete before Microsoft farted the idea out their ass & Kinect can't do half what it advertised 'cuz when they advertised it it was running on a PC.

Maybe now PC gaming can step up a bit since MS is gonna allow it. W/a new console that will probably be competitive w/PCs from about 3 years ago we will get games that are where they should've been 3 years ago.


Yeah! That graphics

Yeah! That graphics architecture that was 3 years ahead of it's time was WAY obsolete in 2005!

“Senior Hardware Design Verification Engineer.”

that sounds like a good check on the thermal design this time :P

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