Microsoft: Windows Phone Gamepad More Sensible Than Handheld Xbox

In case you've been wondering, Microsoft has no plans to develop a dedicated handheld console similar to Sony's PS Vita or Nintendo's 3DS.

Responding to a question on Twitter, recently promoted Xbox head, Phil Spencer, denied any plans to release such a device. Instead, Spencer believes that it makes more sense to focus on portable gaming through Windows Phone and tablets.

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Yeah no **** Micro$hit.

Pocket PCs make the most sense. When a Galaxy S5 or a One packs more power than any handheld & does all that they do, handhelds make no sense for portable gaming like consoles make no sense for home gaming. PCs are the only right answer yo's. It wouldn't be that hard to stick a D-pad & a few buttons on a pocket PC.

What smartphones need to

What smartphones need to rival handhelds are proper controllers that aren't bulky or dorky, longer battery life and proper games. Hardware wise they're on par with handhelds, some high end phones are even far beyond what handhelds can do and proper games will come if the controller and battery needs are satisfied. Although this guy though is pretty stupid to even metion windows phone, who uses that **** besides MJ?

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