Next Mass Effect Has Nothing To Do With Shepard Whatsoever

According to Mass Effect lead writer Mac Walters, the next game in Mass Effect series will have nothing to do with Shepard "whatsoever."

Bioware and Mac Walters are going to lengths to distance the game from feeling like an epilogue or a spinoff of the Shepard trilogy. The game is not named yet, but the team is adamant that we shouldn't call it "Mass Effect 4." It will take place in Mass Effect's rich universe, but it will be a 100% "without the Shepard character or the Shepard specific companions."

Walters also assured that he has learned his lesson from the Mass Effect 3 ending controversy – even though he is still satisfied with it.

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Wasn't this all stated or hinted at right after ME3? We all knew there'd be something. They said we might wanna hold our saves. So something's been expected & it was pretty clear it wasn't Shepherd related. Maybe our saves will actually matter in w/e this is gonna be. Fuck man I've got such wicked peanut farts right now. I wish someones MILF were here to enjoy 'em with me.

Piracy is not punishment, it

Piracy is not punishment, it's expected and accounted for long before a game is released, it generates hype among the target player base which in turn creates more sales anyway. It must suck to be so simple that you can't see anything unless its shoved in your face. Captcha: no-brainer

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