Nintendo Investor Wants Micro-transactions In Mario

Last month, Nintendo finally bowed to the pressure and decided to start making mini versions of its games for smartphones. Those games are meant to act as teasers to entice gamers to buy the complete versions on Nintendo's consoles.

Nonetheless, it seems that this is not enough for investors who still want the company to fully endorse freemium and microtransactions model.

"We believe Nintendo can create very profitable games based on in-game revenue models with the right development team,"wrote Investor Seth Fischer in a letter to Nintendo president Satoru Iwata.. "Just think of paying 99 cents just to get Mario to jump a little higher."

Fischer runs a hedge fund that owns shares in Nintendo.

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to all of those who support every kind of F2P game, you make greedy people like this happen and it will even get worse. In the near future microtransactions will be included in every single game and its gonna be a horrible time for us gamers since every game is made to get you to pay money for stuff you dont need, get developers to create new items for the store instead of new content.


Nintendo refused to market to the older Generation of gamers. Nintendo got generations of gamers hooked, then refused to grow up with them. This is the price Nintendo pays. Being put in situations were they have to get on their knees and earn their crack money instead of dealing out the pure proper stuff like a real supplier. Nintendo is for children, so nintendo is going to treat their audience as children.

You're all doomed.

Yeah you're all going to TV/desktop/pocket PCs or you're going out of business. That's just the way it is. PCs in your pocket, in or attached to your TV & on your desk are the way it's going to be. Shove your consoles up your ***** where they belong.

get me higher

"Just think of paying 99 cents just to get Mario to jump a little higher." Can't wait to jump higher, it's gonna be so rewarding. Then I'll buy the green plumber suit and the halloween costume DLC and also the 2.99$ to go faster in mario kart. Also, I pooped my pants but it's ok, i'm just a naive consumer who love paying for crap.

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