PlayStation 4 Supports Voice Commands Via Eye Camera

Sony confirmed today that PlayStation 4 owners will be able to use voice commands when using the optional Eye Camera peripheral.

The confirmation was made only after a YouTube video of a presentation to GameStop managers at the GameStop Expo revealed that Eye Camera allows for "navigational voice commands" from users.

"Sony Computer Entertainment can confirm that PlayStation Camera allows for voice recognition and we will look forward to sharing more details in the lead up to the launch of PlayStation 4 on November 29," a Sony spokesperson confirmed.

According to online rumors, Sony originally intended to bundle Eye Camera with all PlayStation 4 units before deciding to relegate it as an optional $59.99 addon to reduce price.

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"most people"

"most people" The pre order stats disagree with you **** head. Go kiss M$oft *** and save for your overpriced, under performing piece of junk. **** they still havent announced a release date yet lol

sony ugh

Yet another cheap imitation by sony, in a half-a$$ed attempt to make something useful for their console. sony is notorious for half-a$$ing their features

So gay boy when has microsoft

So gay boy when has microsoft ever been creative? The whole ******* windows interface was a rip from Xerox, **** they even dismissed the internet lol. PS2 had the eye toy before xbox. Incidentally if you werent such a ******* tool slating sony at every opportunity you might actually realise sony mentioned voice recognition and facial expression detection before xbox one was even demonstrated. Now go back to your bedroom and **** over those crusty gay mags hiding from mommy.

I was emphasizing the fact

I was emphasizing the fact that Microsoft invent **** all. PC's webcams, facial expression voice recognition software - Various companies developed for pc's, created the drivers etc and then all future consoles copied. NOT ONE OF THESE WERE INVENTED BY MICROSOFT. His comments were a direct **** on Sony as per usual. Tell me what has Microsoft created original for Xbox One?

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