Report: Nintendo Working On Dual Analog 3DS Successor For 2012

Sources close to French website revealed that Nintendo is revising the 3DS design to include two analogue sticks and that it is going to release the new design in 2012.

So far, has been proved to be a credible source, as it has managed to leak Wii U and PSP Vita's specs more than 6 months before the official announcement of each of them.

According to the French site, Nintendo executives believe that the greatest flaw in the 3DS design is its lack of a second analogue stick and that's why it'll be the focal point of the new design. Nintendo is also working on a new peripheral that will retail for $10 and will add a second analogue stick to the 3DS when attached. Additionally, "a select group of developers" has been tasked with the development of games designed specifically to take advantage of the dual analogue sticks.

Nintendo executives have also admitted failure to convince the market that the 3DS's glasses-less display is not harmful, and so they decided to reduce the emphasis on 3D in the new design.

The site's sources went on to reveal that the recent price cut was not meant to increase the installed base. The truth is, the 40% price cut was meant to clear stock of the old design before the new design launches.

The new design might even forgo the 3DS mantra, the report noted.

Those claims certainly seem to be far-fetched, but it is worth noting that was the first to report on the development of Wii U when it was still codenamed Project Café, and then it was the first to reveal solid details about its hardware.

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Unless you've fully completed Henrys Hoard for the ZX Spectrum then you can argue till you're blue in the face about hardcore and casual and graphics and control schemes. You dont know diddly squat. Been playing these things since I was 5. Most games require only a modicum of skill these days, you idiots and your stupid arguments have turned a lovely thing into a flashy battle for your money between companies who haven't a clue.

So now its Nintendo who is competing against Sony

I dont get it. Why do some fool forget what who came up with the idea of "PS move", (ehm wii). Who came up with the idea of video gaming in the first place, was it PC platform? Sony? Microsoft? No, it was the Nintendo. Dont you guys forget that. The gaming for kids argument must be the stupidest argument, because Nintendo make game for all ages, and they dont focus on the console war like Sony and Microsoft. And no, Sony boys and xbox die hard fans, Im not a Nintendo boy, because I own you all!

yes thats right, I always buy all the platforms for their exclusive titles, and Im a PC gamer as well as a handheld semi gamer (traveling) which is why I give a rats ass about the stupid console contest. Gaming is about the games, not the hardware. You want hardware, go get PC desktop. Gaming is not limited to a stupid contest that Sony has been focusing on the last decade.

Nintendo was first. Super Mario was first. Dont you forget that..

Think about this:

All "N" fans are struggling about this revision for the 2nd analog stick and are going to hate "N" cause of this add-on sold at very cheap price..

But think of Sony with their PSP..

1)PSP 1000: only 1 analog stick, millions of gamers asking for second.

2) PSP 2000: only 1 analog stick again. Ppl complaining about 2nd one increases.

3) PSP 3000: SONY PISS ON EVERYONE, STILL 1 analog stick..

So what? Nintendo want to repair the error and cut off the price of their first 3ds while they biuld a new prototype of 3ds with 2 stick. I still think "N" is doing GREAT! Absolutely GREAT.

p.s. No, i dont work for Nintendo and i dont hate Sony. I have a slim 360.


I don't want to pay for this new 'peripheral' and it better not be clunky. I am glad however, i would have always preffered a second analogue stick i dont see why nintendo hadnt thought of that in the first place.The 3DS is still very solid, but needs some time to shine. I havnt played it in a couple of days, but that was only due to the release of the free downloadable gamess. It is now lost in my bag somewhere...I want an actual game to play, and i think that nintendo is focusing more on the 3DS than what we can play on it...


Also the PS Vita's RAM is being cut in half. I know sony denied this but they were blatanly lying to the whole world, like Nintendo. Plus it was reported on 01net, so it is clearly true.

until nintendo can compete

until nintendo can compete with the hardware sony puts into their hardware then i wont care for anything they put out. Stupid nintendo have all the $$ in the world to completely crush sony but for some reason focus on kiddy hardware

I would guess that since they

I would guess that since they are making a lot of money on that kiddie hardaware/games/image/everything they simply refuse to push into a bigger audience.

But then again, why do they keep making those weak efforts to do just that? if your going into sony's market then do it with guns blazing, dont go crawling your way in. right?

I would like to point out

I would like to point out that just because the hardware isn't top of the line doesn't mean it's bad or good games can't be made. The idea that Nintendo has been succeeding because their hardware is for children and actual gamers who worry about the games and not the graphics haven't been buying it, is a bit ignorant. I always thought it was funny when people claim that the more powerful hardware is for "hardcore gamers" when they apparently care more about the graphics of the game than the game itself or else they wouldn't worry so much about the graphics. I'll admit, I like things to look nice, it's one of the reasons I'm a PC gamer, but, if a game is good enough, I'm not gonna worry about the graphics and just play the game.

Re: I would like to point out

I definitly agree that the games are more important than graphics. I've played plenty of great games with lower quality graphics and enjoyed them because of the gameplay/storline. I've also seen quite a few games with great graphics but horrid gameplay/storyline. For me gameplay and storyline are most important, a game could have the best graphics in the world but if it has poor gameplay and/or storyline it would be a bad game.

I'm also sick of this nintendo only makes games for kids bull I keep reading. As I see it plenty of those so called kids games are enjoyable for all ages if you actually give them a chance. Sony Microsoft and Nintendo all have their ups and downs.

Sony focuses on graphics, but some of their games are too hardcore. Sony also has the habit of imitating some of Nintendo's great inovative ideas, such as ps move imitating wii and their new touch screen handheld. But you know what they say imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, a saying I well believe.

Nintendo experiments with great innovative new gameplay and usually excel at it, though sometimes they rush it a little too much and it doesn't come out as good as it could, a good example of a rushed innovative idea is the wii. Which on the surface was very impressive but they had many games poorly designed for the new gameplay style. Zelda twilight princess is a good example, it had a great story but the gameplay was rather awful.

Microsoft tends to be more balanced between gameplay and graphics. They also tend to imitate great ideas, the xbox kinnect was very well done.

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