Army Men 2 - Level Passwords


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Level Passwords

2 Jeep Jeep Mortar Plane
3 Tank Grenade Tank Mortar
4 Rifle Mortar Jeep Plane
5 Mortar Rifle Plane Jeep
6 Mortar Grenade Rifle Chopper
7 Plane Grenade Rifle Tank
8 Grenade Mortar Chopper Mortar
9 Tank Mortar Rifle Tank
10 Jeep Chopper Tank Mortar
11 Rifle Mortar Grenade Mortar
12 Jeep Chopper Grenade Chopper
13 Plane Plane Grenade Mortar
14 Plane Rifle Plane Chopper
15 Rifle Chopper Chopper Tank
16 Chopper Chopper Rifle Grenade
17 Rifle Tank Plane Mortar
18 Rifle Rifle Grenade Jeep
19 Rifle Jeep Chopper Grenade
20 Chopper Grenade Rifle Jeep
21 Mortar Grenade Chopper Jeep
22 Rifle Tank Chopper Rifle
23 Plane Jeep Tank Mortar
24 Chopper Rifle Jeep Mortar
25 Tank Grenade Plane Grenade
26 Plane Tank Rifle Mortar
27 Tank Tank Jeep Tank
28 Jeep Tank Jeep Mortar
29 Chopper Mortar Chopper Jeep
30 Tank Tank Grenade Mortar
31 Chopper Jeep Grenade Rifle

Submitted in part by AZRumZ

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