Empire Earth 2: The Art of Supremacy - Display frame rate


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Display frame rate:
Press [Ctrl] [Alt] [Shift] F during game play.

Display version number:
Press [Ctrl] [Alt] [Shift] V during game play.

Various codes:
While playing the game, press ENTER. A chat window will be displayed. Enter icheat to enable cheat mode.

Enter one of the following codes:
Effect - Code
Additional 10,000 of all resources - loot
Additional 50 technology points - give tech
Advance one epoch - epoch up
Convert selected unit - convert
Disable all active codes - idontcheat
Give 20 damage points to selected unit - punish
Lose 100 of all resources - taxes
Toggle God mode - play god
Toggle instant construction - sea monkeys
Recharge power for selected unit - recharge me
Win scenario - win
Toggle fog of war - toggle fog

Note: Some codes have no effect in the international versions of the game.

Most of these cheats will work on the Original "Empire Earth II",
the "The Art of Supremacy" expansion, and probably on any future
expansions. Even though most of codes are the same as our original
EE2 cheat codes release, we added a new HotKey method to cheat.

ALL the Cheat Codes can be entered multiple times.

Non-Cheat Debug Codes:

CtrlAltShiftV Display the Game Version numbers

CtrlAltShiftF Display the Graphical Frames Per Second Rate FPS

Cheat Codes case insensitive:

idontcheat Cheats Disabled
Disables all Cheat Codes except for "icheat" of course

icheat Cheats Enabled
Enables all of the Following Codes

loot Resources increased by 10,000
Add 10,000 of each resource

taxes Resources decreased by 100
Subtract 100 of each resource

punish Selected unit damaged
Inflict 20 points of damage on selected unit

convert Selected unit converted to your side
Convert selected unit

recharge me Selected unit recharged to 100 power
Instant recharge power

win You've won the scenario
Instantly win scenario

toggle fog Toggle fog of war.
Toggle the fog of war onoff

sea monkeys Toggle instant build
Toggle instant build onoff

epoch up You've advanced to the next epoch
Advance an epoch without meeting any of the requirements

give tech Tech points increased by 50
Add 50 technology points

play god Toggle God Mode
God Mode onoff Your Units and Building should take no damage

HotKey Cheat Codes:

AltMINUS Decrease all Resources by 10

AltEQUALS Decrease all Resources by 100

AltBACKSPACE Inflict 5 points of damage on selected unit

CtrlB Toggle instant build onoff
[Only works in the Expansion, not the Original game]

CtrlAltShiftF Toggle the fog of war onoff

CtrlAltShiftG Toggle God Mode onoff

CtrlAltShiftE Advance an epoch without meeting any of the requirements

CtrlAltShiftL Add 10,000 of each resource

CtrlAltShiftT Add 10,000 technology points

CtrlShiftC Selected unit converted to your side

AltP Selected unit recharged to 100 power

AltL ToggleUnitTargetLines
[Seems to be disabled in this version/build of the game]

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