A Ressha de Ikou HX - Achievements

A Ressha de Ikou HX - Achievements
Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points.

Big City Population 30 points: Population of the town exceeds 100,000.

Domestic Prominent Enterprise 30 points: Sum total of property exceeds ¥3 trillion.

Growth of Leisure Business 30 points: The number of leisure facilities exceeds 20.

Growth of Real Estate Business 40 points: Profit on sale with real estate exceeds ¥2 trillion.

Important Point of Industry 30 points: The number of factories exceeds 30.

Large Amount Taxpayer 40 points: Tax payment amount exceeds ¥1 trillion.

Nationwide Conquest 80 points: Clear the existing game map entirely.

Started Aeronautical Business 30 points: Construct the airport.

Started Harbor Business 10 points: Construct the port.

Success of New Station Development Program 30 points: The number of stations exceeds 30.

Symptom of Management Success 40 points: The interest paid to the bank exceeds ¥50 billion.

Top Trader 40 points: The profit due to buying and selling the stocks exceeds ¥1 trillion.

Underground Town Propulsion Project Success 30 points: The number of underground towns exceeds 100.