Escape: Or Die Trying - Various Cheats


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Various Cheats

A sound will be heard if entered correctly:

Code Effect
Enter at the Main Menu:
LACRIMOSA Level Select
SOPHIA Add Sophia to Playable Characters
KARMA Add Karma to Playable Characters
Enter During Gameplay Press Pause:
XUL Full Energy
BOZ Full Mana
JBB Full Capacity on All 4 Weapons
MATH Increase Power Slighty on All 4 Weapons
GRABO Increase Armor Weapon Spirit Levels
MUMU Increase Experience to Max
ALEX Set Number of Lives to 50
RIK All Spells Acquired
VINCE Add One Star to Each Acquired Spell
CACHOU All Cheats
BAR ???
ODT ???

Hex Cheats

Yellow Ammo 005C1BE0
Energy 005C1BCC
Grenade 005C1BEA
Mine 005C1BF4
Gas 005C1BFE

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