LEGO Bricktopia


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NOTE: ALL the Cheat Codes can be entered multiple times.

Cheat Codes case insensitive:

IAMINVINCIBLE Get all Weapons at the same time... yum

EXTRALIVES Add 10 balls lives

BEATLEVEL Win the current Level

ITSRAININGLEGOS Tons of LEGOS will falleth from the sky

Sets number of balls to 100. Also, unlocks all Powerup
upgrades, all Game Modes, and all Levels after you
complete 1 level.

SHIELDS Mega Invinsible Shield

1. Start the game.

2. Begin a new game or resume a saved game.

3. Make sure there are no game messages on the screen while entering these
Codes. You must be in control of the paddle for them to work.

4. Hold the Ctrl key and then type in one of the Cheat Codes.
Meaning? Ctrl CheatString = cheat enabled

-from TNT

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