NBA Courtside 2: Featuring Kobe Bryant - Various Cheats


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Various Cheats

At the Main Menu press CUp CDown to display the Cheat screen. Now enter any of the following:

Bonus Teams: CUp CUp CDown CDown CUp CUp CDown CDown

Big Heads: CUp CUp CDown CRight CDown

Big Head for Away Team: CUp CUp CDown CLeft CRight

Big Heads for Both Teams Home Team's Heads Bigger: CUp CUp CDown CRight

Long Necks: CUp CUp CDown CUp CDown

Small Player: CUp CDown

Small Players for Away Team: CUp CRight

All Players are Smaller: CUp CRight CDown

Team Made of Same Player

At the Team Selection screen press CUp7x. Then press CDown the number of times indicated below to create a team where the team is made of the same player. For away teams press Z before pressing CDown:

Kobe Bryant 3
Ken Griffey Jr. 4
Random NBA player 5
Minoru Arakawa 10
Tim Bechtel 11
Steve Bolender 12
John Brandwood 13
David Bridgham 14
Scott Bush 15
Marc Doyal 16
Mike Fukuda 17
Jeff Godfrey 18
Ken Griffey Jr. 19
Roger Harrison 20
Chick Hearn 21
Robert Hemphill 22
Jim Holdeman 23
Mike Knauer 24
Kevin Kraus 25
Chris Lamb 26
Michael Lamp 27
Stu Lantz 28
Howard Lincoln 29
Ken Lobb 30
James Maxwell 31
Umrao Mayer 32
Arnie Myers 33
Dan Owsen 34
Colin Palmer 35
Tom Prata 36
Ed Ridgeway 37
Henry Sterchi 38
Noah Stein 39
Faran Thomason 40
Gail Tilden 41
Russell Truelove 42
Erich Waas 43
Phil Watts 44
Armond Williams 45

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