Ninety-Nine Nights - Achievements


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Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points:

Inphyy Clear 100 points: Clear all of Inphyy's stages.
Aspharr Clear 100 points: Clear all of Aspharr's stages.
Myifee Clear 50 points: Clear all of Myifee's stages.
Tyurru Clear 50 points: Clear all of Tyurru's stages.
Klarrann Clear 50 points: Clear all of Klarrann's stages.
Special Stage Clear 100 points: Clear the special stage.
Dwingvatt Clear 100 points: Clear all of Dwingvatt's stages.
Secret Character Clear 50 points: Clear all of VigkVagk's stages.
All Stages A Rank Or Above 200 points: Clear all stages with an "A" rank or greater.
All Characters Max 200 points: Raise every character to level 9 and clear all stages.>

Infinite Health:
At the main menu screen hold LTRT and press Up,Down,Left,Rightx2,Left,Down,Up on the D-Pad. You will hear a water drop if done correctly.

Play as VigkVagk:
Successfully complete the game with all other characters.

Play as Aspharr:
Complete Inphyy's fourth stage, "Fort Wyandeek".

Play as Myifee:
Complete Inphyy's fifth stage, "Pholya Flatlands".

Inphyy bonus level:
Successfully complete the game with the default characters. Load the cleared saved game and choose to play as Inphyyy to access a bonus level.

Bonus level:
Successfully complete all missions with all characters. Then, select Aspharr's Varrvazzar mission.

Character profile:
Complete all missions for a character to unlock their profile.

Easy kills:
With any Character, and coming up against a group, use that character's widest attack. It makes it easier to actually kill as many as possible in the beginning, instead of weeding them out of bodyguards.

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