Overwatch 2 testing out new faster mode this weekend only

Overwatch 2 testing out new faster mode this weekend only

Overwatch 2 isn't exactly a slow game, but Blizzard are testing out some new rules within its already fast Quick Play mode, with boosted capture speeds, payloads, and respawn times. The mode will only this weekend though, from January 12 to 14, so if the idea of playing a blisteringly fast Overwatch 2 game sounds interesting to you, jump on it while you have a chance.

In essence taking control of various points in a number of maps will be faster under the tweaked mode. Payloads in Hybrid and Escort maps will move 60% faster than the previous amount, and getting control of objective points in Hybrid maps will also be 40% faster than normal. Objective points in Control are also 40% faster to grab, but also has the additional boost that getting capture progress is an enormous 80% faster. Flashpoint maps aren't left out, with grabbing objective points now being 20% faster, and overall capture progress percentage ticking up 40% faster.

Respawn times across the board will also be a lot faster, now being just 75% of their original time. Map times are also down on Escort, Hybrid, and Push maps, now being just 70% of the original time. Extensions are also down the same amount.

This mode is a great chance to dip into Overwatch 2, if you're not normally a player. Since the game is free-to-play, there's no harm in doing so, and the new faster pace means you can get even more gameplay than you normally would be able to, and try out a number of Overwatch 2's modes. The lower respawn timers also make the game a little bit more forgiving, and give you a chance to test out more of the game's characters than you might otherwise.

Overwatch 2 is a free-to-play game downloadable through the Battle.net launcher and Steam on PC, and through various storefronts on Playstation 4 and 5, and Xbox One, Series X, and Series S. As mentioned, this mode only applies this weekend, and the mode will revert back to its previous timings after January 14. Competitive and Arcade modes are not affected by these changes, as you might expect.