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You can customice you own equipment bracers,helmet,rings,armor,boots and belt included element and their speciallty.This is only work with Paladin player. Make sure Art of Forging point is up, all the requirement are set, then press b, press make-things, decided what you'll gonna make, then create it. But don't move the item in the gem-inlay to the iventory yet. This is the trick.

Just say you create a ring. You have put 1 ore and 1 bones to make it. Afte done, delete the name of the rings, then press the make-thingsit should be inform that you'll have to input name on the rings. Now, choose the ring icon rings. Now insert any good ore or bone to the box. Then automatically will add a new speciallty to the ring. This is work with any equipment as long you don't move it to the inventorymultiplayer or single player mode. But, note this; don't do this trick so often. Because if you played a multiplayer, it will broke down the connection from the server. And if you played in single player, the game will be terminated.

Submitted by Eka Satyawan

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how to get the item we made?

i have done step by step, and the bonuses go into the item.. but the problem is, i dont know what to click next to get that item ? since i just see blank slot, when i put a rock or something, it blink means the bonus go into it, but it blank slot, i dont see the item i made, when i close it, just gone.. i dont know where the item i made, thx

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