Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed


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Game Cheats:

Unlock Grand Prix - Mirrored Cups:
Win ALL five standard Grand Prix cups to unlock the Mirrored Grand Prix cups.
Unlock Expert Difficulty:
This feature becomes available when you win ALL 5 mirrored Grand Prix cups.

Unlock Characters:
Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding character.

AGES - World Tour Mode (Superstar Showdown):
Win Ranger Rush (Sprint) and purchase for 165 stars.

Alex Kidd:
Automatically unlocked on December 25, 2012.

Amigo - World Tour Mode (Sunshine Coast):
Win Studio Scrapes (Versus) and then purchase for 8 stars.

Danica Patrick - World Tour Mode (Frozen Valley):
Win Pirate Plunder (Race) and then purchase for 16 stars.

Doctor Eggman:
Win ALL 5 mirrored Grand Prix cups.

Gilius Thunderhead - World Tour Mode (Moonlight Park):
Win Molten Mayhem (Ring Race) and purchase for 120 stars.

Gum - World Tour Mode (Moonlight Park):
Win Jet Set Jaunt (Boost Challenge) and purchase for 105 stars.

Joe Musashi - World Tour Mode (Twilight Engine):
Win Shinobi Showdown (Versus) and purchase for 85 stars.

Win ALL 5 standard Grand Prix cups.

NiGHTS - World Tour Mode (Scorching Skies):
Win Carrier Crisis (Sprint) and purchase for 80 stars.

Pudding - World Tour Mode (Twilight Engine):
Win Hatcher Hustle (Sprint) and purchase for 50 stars.

Reala - World Tour Mode (Superstar Showdown):
Win Nightmare Meander (Ring Race) and purchase for 160 stars.

Shadow the Hedgehog - World Tour Mode:
Frozen Valley - Win Seaside Scrap (Versus) and then purchase for 35 stars.

Vyse - World Tour Mode (Scorching Skies):
Win Rogue Rings (Ring Race) and then purchase for 30 stars.
Unlock Alex Kidd:
This character becomes available when you set the system date to December 25th.

Unlock Characters in Grand Prix:
The following playable characters become available in Grand Prix when you complete the following tasks.

Unlock Avatar:
Beat the first 5 Grand Prix Cups.

Unlock Dr. Eggman:
Beat the 5 Mirror Grand Prix Cups.

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