Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3: Mutant Nightmare - Endurance


Total votes: 80
Enter DMLDMRLD as a password. Healing items will no longer be available.

Enemies 2X Defense:
Enter SLRMLSSM as a password.

Enemies 2X Power:
Enter MSRLSMML as a password.

Infinite Shuriken:
Enter LMDRRMSR as a password.

Instant Death:
Enter LDMSLRDD as a password. One enemy hit will kill the turtles.

Enter MDLDSSLR as a password.

Max Ougi:
Enter RRDMLSDL as a password.

Password notes
Use the following key when entering the passwords:

L: Leonardo
M: Michaelangelo
D: Donatello
R: Raphael
S: Shredder

Shuriken Loser:
Enter LLMSRDMS as a password. Shuriken will no longer be available.

Sushi Party:
Enter SLLMRSLD as a password. All healing items will turn into Temaki Sushi.

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