Worms: Open Warfare 2 - Unlockable medals


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Unlockable medals:
By completing certain ingame tasks, you can unlock medals that can be viewed by going to options and then medal cabinet.

Effect - Code
Annihilation - Win by alot of health
Beserker - Kill 8 or more worms in one round
Big spender - Buy every item in the shop
Boffin - Complete all puzzles including unlockable levels
Field marshall - Win 20 online games
Laboratory - Beat all laboratory levels including unlockable levels
Outstanding bravery - Made a comeback win when you are losing by alot
Rookie - Beat all training levels
Tough nut - Beat all campaign levels including unlockable levels
Veteran - Play 20 online games
Winning sreak - Win 5 games in a row
100 complete - 100 completion

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