Crimson Skies


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Enjoy an all-new experience in flight combat! Crimson Skies puts you in the cockpit for thrilling dogfights and aerial adventure. Use your cunning and skill to outwit the dastardly villians, and use the terrain around you to attain tactical superiority!
Become the ace of the skies with Crimson Skies' intuitive flying system! Easy to learn yet hard to master, Crimson Skies captures the true spirit of combat flying with an intuitive flying system, which will let you command the air with ease. The focus is on the art of dog fighting not the science of flying!

Grip the yoke tight as you fly low in completely interactive 3-D environments! Crimson Skies puts the emphasis on flying low and using it's faithfully rendered 1937 America landscape to your advantage. Follow the line of the Hollywood Hills as you swoop in for a daring raid on downtown LA, or hug the coastline and bank against a cliff wall to dodge the enemy dogging your six!

Dodge flak as you go Zeppelin to Zeppelin in on-line multiplayer combat! Crimson Skies comes fully multiplayer ready via the MSN Gaming Zone whether you want to go one on one with a friend or fly squadron on squadron with a group of your air pirate cronies.

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Crimson Skies

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Imac's Suck.

I have no Idea why someone would even want a Imac anyway. I like windows 7 X64 bit myself. It doesn't even use half of my 8 Gig of Ram Like Vista X64 Did. I tried to use a Imac and I hated it so I'm glad I have stayed with Windows Software. It is so so SO much more user friendly anyway. Sell that Imac and get Windows X64 Bit version and you will be alot happier.

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