The Sting


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Have fun learning to be a burglar!

Petty crime does not count as being honour among thieves, so you have to undertake the most spectacular and stylish robbery ever, the "Sting"…
The player has to work towards this objective, increasing his fame, or rather notoriety. Getting to know the "right" people and doing successful "jobs" are the stepping-stones to this goal. However, there is no way you can do a "job" alone, you need "mates" to help you, and they will all want their share of the loot. It makes sense to keep their number as low as possible. Of course, the better known they are, the better they perform.

… and then comes the sinister Ministry of Power.


- "The Sting!" has the biggest virtual town any computer game has ever had.· Complex and idiosyncratic life forms
- 20 large places to burgle, such as a food factory, the grave digger's house, the freight terminal, the bank, …
- 70 more buildings, some of which can be burgled.
- A living town with passers-by, traffic and a taxi system.
- Over 60 different persons, most of whom are ready to commit burglary.
- Over 50 different get-away vehicles; trucks, sports cars, etc.
- Security measures to overcome: alarm systems, CCTV, sensors, microphones,...

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The Sting

ok 1st of all when you get a "page canot be found message when you try to downlode then that means the servers are flodded and theres no room for you to start donwlodeing.2nd this is a fun game.i have 1 prob tho.the gmae thinks the one sopt is ALWAYS in vew so i have to turn evreythang around to see what im gona dl it 1 more time in since i am board.

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