Has Xbox Already Lost The Next-Gen Race?

Sony Win


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While the Wii U is out in the wild and Sony's PS4 is pretty well detailed, we still don't know much about Microsoft's next Xbox. Other than it'll be called just that. We've heard hints that it won't be able to play second hand games, we've heard that it might be always on – and even had an employee rant and rave about this not being a problem – that the Kinect camera will be mandatory and that really, it may not even be as powerful as the PS4.

At the other end of the spectrum, we have Sony, which appears to be doing everything right. Like the Xbox rumours, we know the PS4 will come packing PC grade hardware, which will please developers, there's going to be sharing features through the roof with control sharing, streaming and the ability to upload to Youtube and other platforms within the games themselves. We've also heard from Sony higher ups that second hand games will be supported, which is a major plus point in the mind of most gamers.

We also know that Sony is putting a lot of thought into its launch titles – apparently – with plans to have a wide genre of games on day one. It won't just be shooters and racers, there'll be puzzle games, indie offerings, AAA experiences and more. Of course Microsoft could do the same, but for now we just don't know.

Now I'm not here to just brown my nose in Sony's direction, neither am I here to smash Microsoft because I don't like it, what I'm here to do is to take stock of the situation and consider what Microsoft would need to do to turn around the current situation – because until we hear otherwise, Sony is clearly the console of choice for the discerning next-gen gamer.

Ironically, one of the big things Microsoft looks likely to do, is get its hardware in-front of the cameras before Sony. While we've seen and heard a lot about PS4 capabilities, we have yet to see the console itself. This doesn't really make much of a difference theoretically, but in practice, we're all monkeys that like real-life shiny things, so if Microsoft shows us a cool looking console before Sony does, it could start to turn heads a little bit.

We know Microsoft is holding an event on May 21st, where it's expected we'll get our first look at the Xbox. This is a couple of weeks before the E3 expo, so we know that Microsoft has an opportunity to get itself front and center before it goes head to head with Nintendo and Sony. Chances are whoever has the best console showing on the day will ride on a wave of publicity while the others languish. At the moment, Sony will step into the arena as the top dog, but Microsoft has a chance to seize the initiative.

The other way Microsoft could recapture our imaginations, is with the reveal of something a bit different in May, beyond just the box itself and its own version of Watchdogs. One such tech could be IllumiRoom, which we've seen promotional renders of what it could look like, with the living room walls being taken over by in-game footage, expanding the game world beyond the TV screen.

There's also the potential for Kinect glasses, which could perform in a similar fashion to the Occulus Rift. If Microsoft nailed virtual reality (or at least he closest thing we have to it) with the Xbox, it could conceivably become the must-buy console of the next-gen.

Pricing is also the big IF with Xbox. Should Microsoft find a way, through subscription or otherwise, to undercut the PS4 – like it did with the Xbox 360 – then it could also drum up some much needed brownie points. It wouldn't be enough to turn the tide, but it would certainly help. However everything so far points to a pretty costly new system, around the $500 mark, with a secondary entertainment system built around the Xbox 360, coming in at just $99.

Partly it's thought that the secondary, far cheaper system, is to provide that much wanted backwards compatibility that the Xbox console, is not looking likely to have.

So guys, where do you stand on Microsoft's next-gen? Is it something you're looking forward to? Or like a lot of the gaming press, is it all really about Sony?

Of course PC trumps all of it. Who am I kidding? Nobody plays consoles right?

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I'd have to be a big downer

I'd have to be a big downer on you but a large majority of sane people would disagree with you. Between the Xbox360 and PS3 roughly 140 million consoles have been sold. The Bible has between figures of, 4.7 and 6 billion Bibles printed and read. Playing video games might pass time, and make people unproductive. But reading the bible has changed many lives, and done a lot of good, weather you agree with the religion, and or practices, or not.


Consoles can go to hell for what I care, the new ones will bring two good things to me as a PC gamer and that's less *******dumbed down graphics and better ports (hopefully). I don't consider them to be a console anymore either, they're more like a PC with a different name and shell at this point. If M$ truly intends to put always online in their console they can already consider themselves dead. I think PS4 is in for a win this round though.

the ps3 is more powerfull

the ps3 is more powerfull than the 360 but the 360 works better is easier to use the online is great and works. and considering the ps3 is more powerfull the graphics aren't any better than the 360s it a pain in the *** to use the online is ***** and as for then being more reliable that's rubbish as I know several people that have got ps3s and they r forever having problems with them and the one lad got through 4 ps3s in 6 months before he switched to xbox and hasn't had a problem since. so you can say sony has won already but they havnt as sony only make crap and that goes for everything they make not just the ps series.


I've been a PC gamer since 95. Granted i've owned PS, PS2 and now a 360, i don't really play many games on them.I use my 360 to stream my HD movies from PC...that's about it. Only play consoles for exclusives like Final fantasy series and mortal kombats. The games i like are on PC as well and i prefer PC.Sure i pay more for my hardware, but i pay less for games and get better games that last longer, including MMOs. If research and buy the right parts, your PC will last 7+ yrs, with maybe one video card update in there somwhere. My last pc was 7yrs old, replaced video card once and still played BF3 at 60fps on medium. Was good enough for me, until i got some money and built a new $1k system. Now BF3 runs 135fps on ultra. Right now i'm playing FPS which have always been better on PC. keyboard/mouse combo is much quicker and accurate than joystick and auto-aim. Some games are better on consoles, some better on pc. PC games will ALWAYS LOOK WAAAAY BETTER than any console. PERIOD !

If we stop buying consoles

If we stop buying consoles then we can finally focus on the PC market. PCs come in variations of hardware, and if you are gamer looking to get a console to play games, you are better off getting a Gaming PC. Just because a console is plug and play does not mean a PC can not be plug and play either. Like the Wii or Xbox or PlayStation etc are just a group of hardware configurations running their own OS to maximize game performance. All this can be done with a normal PC environment, all it takes are OS that can handle it. I agree that for a user it is a lot easier to just plug in a machine to their TV turn it on and pop in or load up a game and go. But you also pay 2x to 3x the amount for your games. Hence the idea with Steam is a more flexible option where Valve is trying to get companies interested in creating things like the "Steam Box" (to those who think I am talking about the Piston you should google it). With the steam box you would have a set of hardware specs that will be common across the hardware to give developers a target hardware setup to work with like in a console. Big picture mode in steam is the first step towards this flexibilty of being able to create gaming PCs that could replace Consoles, at this point it is still far from that but as consumers we can hope that the consoles will end after this generation. We can not forget how short the life spans are getting between each new console. Technology is advancing exponentially and therefore we would probably see the next Generation PS5 and Xbox 1080 etc already in 4 or 5 years, if not sooner.

Actually a PC is not really a

Actually a PC is not really a plug & play monster like a console is. Having actually converted a few console gamers to PC finally... they honestly were complete idiots behind a PC, Because we all know how little things like graphics driver updates make or break a game sometimes, its completely off the radar of a console gamer. Everything is already optimized on a console. The only thing a console gets is a Title update, and updates, and that's it. For instance I had a friend wanting to use his 360 controller on his newly bought gaming PC (cause most people would buy a PC that's been labeled a Gamer PC.) He couldn't figure out why the controller wasn't working. You would think plug and play with a usb device right? Na, sadly you actually have to download the drivers off the internet first before the Win OS even notices what you plugged in right there. From a consumer stand point I expect at least one more next generation of consoles before things like tablets take the market as the main gadget for gaming. Sorry to say it but technology is not advancing exponentially like you think it is. The latest cutting edge hardware right now are SSD's, and from there who knows what the next big thing will be. We also won't be seeing nexgen consoles in 4 years either. Sony & MS have a tendency to use a console for about 8 years before going on to better things, and usually they will support old gen console for a year or so before ending support also. So if you are expecting consoles to go out the door quickly you are quite mistaken.

Are you really going so far

Are you really going so far as to say Sony is the winner of the Next Gen race. The race has not even started. Microsoft has made no formal announcements. There has been no side by side comparisons. This is all speculation.


I brought a PlayStation 3 on first of realise and still have it to this day in perfect working order. As for the Xbox 360, my little brother has had nothing but problems he’s replaced it twice, maybe more. To me, PlayStation 3 seems to be a lot more reliable than Xbox, but that’s my experienced.

I didn't touch the 360 at

I didn't touch the 360 at launch either. I bought one down the road about a year later if I remember correctly. Didn't have any issues with it until I wanted to have HDMI output and mine lacked it. Sold that one and bought a HDMI version, that's when problems started. I think I owned that white console for quite awhile, up to the release of one of the battlefields when the console went RRoD on me, and I decided to open it.. **** what **** job they did on the gpu cooling I wasn't surprised anymore on how microsoft ****** themselves. I kept that open 360 working for a good 3 months before I laid it to rest. Didn't buy another 360 until the slim came out because I knew all the 360 version all had that same defect, and the slim had fixed that defect. I've had a slim for ages now, and if they ever released the slim version back in the day PS3 would of never stood a chance back than.

That fact that you bought the

That fact that you bought the Xbox 360 multiple times is just sad. This is the reason why companies today can do whatever they wan't. All they need to do is hype **** up and make everyone want it. Fair enough, you wanted the HDMI output so you bought a new one, fail on your part is that you bought the first 360 without the HDMI. Smart consumers do not buy unfinished or overpriced products. If you as a consumer do not get what you do not want, then do not buy it. All you idiots complain, but its your fault we have shotty products.

no way

Remember the ps3 had more power than the 360? Well that Didn't help Sony. Microsoft don't need to hurry. .and bring Out a new generation machine. X box live is amazing. .Microsoft have Experience and innovation. Sony just copied xbox with the ps4. Power and specs Don't just sell a system. . Lol did sony have a physical machine to Show off? No.. that indicates to me sony are still trying to catch up. ..

Is your memory that bad?

MS did have to hurry last gen, hence we had so many RRoD issues. The PS3 was the last of the 3 consoles to be released because Sony thought they didn't have to hurry. So far it seems they learned plenty since last time whereas MS is stumbling. So far its all just speculation though, we'll see how things go once features, princing and release dates are announced.

Yes I totally agree M$ is the

Yes I totally agree M$ is the best company in the world and I buy all their products including W8 and office2013 support the developers donate to M$, I even installed IE6 in wine and use it all the time and always online and no second hand is best I'll buy Xbox just for that. Bill Gates for president.

If you spent 30 seconds on

If you spent 30 seconds on google you would realize Gates isnt the head hancho of MS anymore, its Steve Ballmer dumbass. It's too **** early to say anything at this point. Hopefully E3 will grace us with both consoles head to head. My only major concern for next gen consoles is if they finally upgraded the networking so we can have sexy 32vs32 games on battlefield for once.

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