Iron Grip: Marauders Free Full Game


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Browser based free-to-play full 3D strategy game
Iron Grip: Marauders is ISOTX's newest title and the latest expansion of the Iron Grip Universe.
Iron Grip: Marauders is a free-to-play, strategy browser game unlike any other! Become captain of your own airship and lead your army to victory! Play awesome 3D turn-based tactical battles against the AI or other players. This is a game we're proud to call our greatest achievement yet.

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Iron grip is a larger file with 3 screen shots. Downloading these kind of applications are difficult on a Digital subscriber line modem. 3 gb is maxed out, probably for PRO gaming. Why is there no data of information to this file? It looks kinda vintage somewhere Hmmm. Maybe the spam bars are over doing it. It 2013 now and you think there could be better. Free games 2 gb's that's easy to unzip. 3gb in and 3gb unzip that's too much the internet is a monster.

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