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The good folks at Funcom have announced a big holiday present for Anarchy Online fans and newcommers alike. Now everyone can play Anarchy Online totally free of charge. You don't pay for the software. You don't pay any subscription. All Funcom asks is that you register prior to January 15th.

The official website is also offering a variety of ways you can get your hands on the game, including a BitTorrent version.

Anarchy Online (AO) is a science fiction themed massive multiplayer online roleplaying game (MMORPG).

Features :

-Enjoy unparalleled character customization, including 80 character skills, hundreds of special attacks, thousands of items and a wide range of clothes, weapons and armour. No other online game delivers more character customization and depth.

-Explore an epic and believable sci-fi universe with an involving and deep backstory

-Experience fast-paced gameplay with more action and intensity and less camping.

-Choose your playing style and select one of 14 different professions. Soldier, special agent, pet profession, healer, technological expert, trader or adventurer... you choose.

-Go solo or join groups and guilds, AO is packed with fun content for everyone

-Instanced dungeon areas mixed with a wide range of static dungeons and quests means that there is always something to do, even for that half hour session.

-Express yourself through voice, emotes or chat in a fantastic social environment with clubs, bars, guild houses, player apartments, social clothes and much more.

-Fight thousands of exciting monsters in a fantastic player versus environment gameworld, or challenge human opponents to conquer land in large PvP areas.

-Immerse yourself in a world with a fantastic musical score and unique art direction.

-Enter AO more easily with dedicated beginner areas and live in-game assistance

-Travel in style with futuristic flying vehicles available to all professions, and access all areas efficiently and fast.

-Test our great customer service, they are there to ease your experience.

-Join a friendly, large and established player community.

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Play Anarchy Online For Free

btw..theres a "catch"... :(Conditions*The offer is only valid if you sign up a new Anarchy Online account between the 15th of December 2004 and 15th of January 2005. You can play free of charge until 1/1 2006. Should Funcom deem that a too high-increase in server load or other unforeseen events will lessen the experience for existing players the offer will be terminated at our discretion. The free version does not include access to any of the three expansion packs. Should you wish to upgrade to any of the expansion packs monthly subscription and client fees will be added.

Play Anarchy Online For Free

If you dont sign now by jan-15 you loose the completely free account with the orignal game that doesnt require a credit card to sign up. If you want shade-keeper or access to perks you got to buy the expansions, thats the catch.(fairly sure pvp is effected by it too)

Play Anarchy Online For Free

watch out before downloading this. the file size is only 66.8 kbs which is enough for a small file to damage your computer. i wouldnt recommend downlaoding this. Anyway it uses a bit torrent to download which are illegal. Dont download if u dont want ur computer to most likely get harmed.

Play Anarchy Online For Free

You morons! the torrent file is 66.8Kbs which is then opened by your torrent client and starts the download, and more to the point bittorrents are not illegal it's just another form of download client. Get your heads out of the sand and you might be able to get more out of the internet, Morons.

Play Anarchy Online For Free

.... the torrent file is to instruct bittorent(program) to download the game. you dont download from the AO server, but from other downloaders computers. the file is NOT a virus, its NOT illegal, and its perfectly harmless.....

Play Anarchy Online For Free

you gotta get a bittorrent client. once you have that you can download. in downloading at 200kb a second and thats pretty fast for just now starting. will be done in an hour. its NOT a virus, its NOT anything malicious, it IS free, and to me it IS worth it :P

Play Anarchy Online For Free

everyones should try this it rocks.but in the start it is slow since you are Super N00b but if you play like 1month or learn the basics it is real fun i have a lvl 133 soldier and a keeper that rocks and nothing is going slow with my keeper or if you do not have a brain don't try to twink in this game remember it is 80 char skills and thats alot you must upgrade in the right skill to be good and btw if you are a n00b you should start a martial arts they are n00bs best friend they are so easy to play

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