Zango Muncher


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Got the munchies? Chow down with Zango Muncher! The Muncher loves to eat, so zip around the smorgas-board and help him munch. But you have to stay on your toes to avoid the Spike Ball looking to crash the party!

Game Features:

- Feeding Frenzy lets Muncher race around gorging
- Frozen Foe keeps Muncher or the Spike Ball frozen
- Pizza Party - a bonus round with all you can eat pizza


MegaGames has investigated claims that Zango contains spyware, IT DOES NOT. Not only does it not contain spyware of any kind but the company is certified by COAST (Coalition Against Spyware Technologies) as spyware free. The Zango search assistant will serve some ads which may confuse some people but it definitely contains no spyware of any kind.

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Zango Muncher

Technically Zango is Sponsor-Ware. I would not touch it. Basically it will bring up many unwanted websites. An example is if you visit for a flight ticket. In front of it will pop up a competitor, Hawaiin Air. Adware is evil. Stay away.

You voted 'no'.

Zango Muncher

Yes this appears to be spyware sponsored programming, sure they say it contains no spyware, but do a google search for 'zango' and you'll find many unhappy references to this spyware junk that will likely trash your PC and make it run slow as hell.

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