1080 Snowboarding


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1 Cheat available for 1080 Snowboarding, see below

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POINT ADVANTAGE ON THE HALF PIPEMake a hard right at the begining of the half pipe. You should hit an invisible jump bust a phat combo.

super shit trickin level 69 shit in mid are wile doing a back flip by holding done your ainus and button a

1080 back flip without penguin board, ice dude, extreme matchrace, extreme spin, without ice board, after extreme matchrace you get ice board.

Lose match race with any player on expert. Do this four times. Then erase all saved data. Then choose Rob Haywood hold all the C buttons to unlock Platnum boarder.

Wiggel di Piggel da dibbel Pobbel slurbl wurbl burbl da wits prips dips poggel woggel di pibbel wibbel with da wenis penis in da poperze

Am anfang A gedrckt lassen und mehrfach ganz schnell den Analog stick nach vorne bewegen so startet mann am schnellsten

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