Arcade Fruit Machine


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1 Cheat available for Arcade Fruit Machine, see below

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well when you play happy streak put 1 pound in and play if you get the faces hold them as many times as you can and you will win

avoid taking jackpot 3 times on any fruit machine. doing so eventually you will recieve 3 times the jackpost amount rather then taking just 1

press the buttons in this order from the left to the right.1 2 3- 2 31 - 3then put ur money in and you should win

visit [url removed] for REAL fruit machine cheats, tips tricks and emptiersfruit machine cheats, tips tricks and emptying methods

On saturday night beaver if you collect ur money repeater every thing u collect doubles ur money. For instance, if u collect 50p repeater ur repeater will double to a pound and so on.....

on the IT-BOX quiz machines,turn it off at the power supply twice and the hopper will drop. it pays out 4 every 5 secs untill the hopper is empty. the hopper holds 150 when its full.


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